Arrow keys usage / some

I would love to be able to use the arrow keys to move clips in the arranger view. also use the arrow keys to adjust the value of the last touched knob on a plugin (like adjusting the gain knob in tool by +1 or -1 using the left and right arrow keys). I would also love it if bitwig adds a shortcut to search in the browser without moving my mouse cursor and clicking on the browser to search for a sound or a plugin. Lastly, a shortcut to collapse a device (make it take less space in the device panel) or at least make it so that when I select all the devices I have on my track and double click, bitiwg collapses all the devices at once not the last device selected.

is it possible to adjust the gain knob in tool with the arrow keys? unfortunately doesn’t work here :frowning:
I would love to be able to control the fader and pan of the selected track like this. but if that’s possible in tool, would also be great!