Allow recording of new takes In Clip Launcher clips (ala Arranger clips)


In the Arranger, we can loop record into an existing clip (with takes) and add new takes to it.

Being able to record new takes into Clip Launcher clips as well is much to be desired.


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Are you talking about note clips, audio clips, or both?

I’m talking about audio recording here. Sorry for not specifying!

Having MIDI takes is would be a whole other animal (also good!).

Ok, so Comping in Bitwig Studio but not only in the arranger, also in the clip launcher?

If this is what you mean, I have also wondered why comping was brought only to the arranger, and whether there was anything in the clip launcher complicating things. It is a workflow specific to audio clips and audio clips are… the same? in the arranger and the clip launcher.

What makes me think… what happens when you drag a “comped” clip to from the arranger to the clip launcher? Does it only bounce the “final” clip, or does it carry all the comping information?

Comping (recording of audio takes, and all that comes after) currently exists in Bitwig (4.1.6) in both the Arranger and the Clip Launcher (Mix View). However, the difference is that in the arranger you can re-enter a clip with takes and record more takes into it. In the Mix View, you cannot record new takes into an existing clip, but must instead record new takes into a new clip.

Redressing this limitation on the Clip Launcher (Mix View) side is the point of this wish.

@sj1 Sorry for the late reply. I’m still not convinced about why a feature that exists in the arranger needs to be reproduced somewhere else, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

Do you want this topic to be moved to #drafts and work on a feature request?

I’d like to see things consistent on “both sides”, so to speak, but I think that’s been clearly ans simply expressed already, so there is nothing more to work up IMO. Thanks.

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The thing is, this topic is now in the #brainstorm category. In order to make it to the #features category (the actual community wishlist) and allow others to vote on this request, it needs to go through #drafts and use the common template for requests.

If you are interested in creating a draft request, I’m happy to help. If you are fine with this topic as is, this is good too. :slight_smile: