Adding text memos everywhere, and in comping in particular

When using Bitwig for composing or tracking, it would be great if the user could save text memos (not to say “notes” and avoid the confusion) and / or tags a bit of everywhere: at specific points in MIDI or audio track (think of how comments appear in Soundcloud) or as extra information associated to a take when using comping.

Then the UI should also enable searching through those memos and tags.

Depending on the style of the user, this feature would solve the need of keeping memos about the composition on the side, e.g. on paper or in a txt memo, something I do a lot today.

I do not think that there are alternative ways to achieve the same already in Bitwig. In comping, the titles of the takes can be long, but the window can’t be expanded to read the whole of it. I’ve read somewhere of VSTs perhaps allowing something similar, but this is really a feature one would expect to be organically integrated in the DAW.

Here this plugin is free and lets you put notes everywhere VSTNotepad

Thanks @SoundSnakeStudio , that’s a honorable attempt, but I don’t think it’s good enough. The fact that it can’t be used to document comps is a sufficient reason not to use it for me. I am afraid that a VST can’t do what I described, because VSTs can’t go beyond the scope of the track they’re associated to.