Add arranger track

I switched to bitwig because it’s great for both producing (which I’m good at) & sound design (which I want to learn). However I miss some features that can help the producing side of bitwig more like the arranger track. Just make moving entire song section easy. We need that bitwig

Hi @Mr_Swolezekiel, welcome to Bitwish. Do you mean Cubase’s Arranger Track?

I came to bitwig from studio one so that’s the arranger track I’m familiar with. However, I heard it’s a similar concept to cubase. Bitwig on the other hand can excel and add more functionality. Like if I want my edits to verse one midi data happen to verse two simultaneously. Similarly when I add midi or audio clips to a verse, it adds it to the second and third verse. This way I’m building my song as I’m working on my song structure. And of course these features can be turned off so I can have a different 808 pattern in verse 2 for example.

@Mr_Swolezekiel or anyone else interested in this feature, would you like to submit a request on #drafts ?