24 hour wall clock in the fullscreen-mode header or footer

I’ve been asking for this for years via /r/bitwig: Can we please got a 24-hour wall clock in the header or footer in fullscreen mode? Could be toggle-able via the UI settings panel.

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Why is this needed? Also, could you share a screenshot?

Maybe I understand this completely wrong. Do you want a clockt that shows the time of the Day? Then I’d say no, not necessary as you could get a hardware clock and place it above your screen or look for an applications with a floating window to deliver a clock.
If you want something different, please be more specific…

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In Renoise it’s at the top right of the app: Screenshots | Renoise

Ideally, Bitwig’s wouldn’t show the current second, just the hour and minute.

I really don’t want to set up a hardware clock or find a dedicated single-purpose clock widget that will stay visible at all times, assuming one even exists on all platforms Bitwig runs on.

Getting the current time of day is trivial in all modern programming languages. This feature request probably represents half a morning of work at the most, for one of Bitwig’s core developers.

The HH:MM:SS numbers that Renoise has on the top right corner next to the CPU use is the Play Time, and Bitwig has it as well in the display section (top center). It is visible all the time as well.


Unless you mean something different. In that case please clarify.

I had no idea that was the play time in Renoise. You learn something new every day…

I feel like a bit of an idiot now but I’d still like to see a toggle-able wall clock in the header or footer for fullscreen mode. It’s hardly the end of the world if it doesn’t happen though. You can just hit F11 and read the system tray and then tap F11 again.

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