Time warp

What problem(s) would this feature resolve?

Modulate the tempo without modify the midi/audio content

  • If you have to start a measure at an exact realtime ruler position, you can insert a tempo automation, and this could be done just by dragging the tempo grid to fit the position I want.
  • If you play off-click, in order to give your music some feeling and natural mood. It is then expected to have tempo modulation to follow this natural movement. We could manipulate the tempo grid to fit some positions, being a note or a clip part, so that it creates automated tempo modulation.

How does this feature fit in Bitwig as a product?

Use the cue markers of the tempo ruler, extend the realtime ruler so that it can receive cue markers too, and add a way to match realtime an tempo ruler markers. Or just manipulate tempo grid.
There must be an option to set a clip/part to be “not musical”, so that manipulating the tempo won’t make it follow the grid : the notes saty where they are, and you place the grid where you want among the notes for exemple)

Is there already an alternative way to achieve this on Bitwig?


Could it be implemented using Bitwig components or APIs, without Bitwig team’s support?


Could it be provided by a VST or something else reasonably integrated with Bitwig?


Are there other products that offer this feature?

Yes. At least Cubase (native) and Reaper (sws extension)

Relevant links (optional)

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@robisme can it be that Bitwig already provides what you need, just not in the form you expect? You can modulate and automate the tempo in many ways. You can also humanize the time when audio or clips events play.

Maybe I’m not understanding the musical result you want to achieve.

@icaria36 Thanks for the idea. What I’d like to achieve are :

  • 1 : the first thing could be manually done, but there would be a need to place markers on the realtime ruller.
  • 2 : play the piano with no tempo click, then, adjust the tempo so that it will follow what I have played, in order to add rythm loops or whatever I want to add that needs to be tempo-synced. But if I modulate the tempo once the track is recorded, the notes will follow the tempo, that I don’t want : I want that what I have played stays exactly as it is, an modify the tempo. For this, there is a need to set the track as “non musical”, so that tempo can be modulated “backward” with no effect on the music.
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Does this request cover what you’re after? It welcomes votes. :slight_smile:

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Definitly ! But I suspect it would be way more complicated than a manual manipulation of the bars.
For the realtime-ruler cue marker, on the other side, it doesn’t cover my need.

Globaly, I’d say that my request is easier, because it already exists on other daws. But the “live thing” you suggest would be a game changer.


Thank you @robisme for your explanations. I have edited your request a bit, removing the mention about audio warp (which Bitwig has, see Warp options? - #2 by icaria36) and adding links to the requested feature running on Cubase and reaper.

Moved to #features.