Stems performance support

I would love a better solution to playing stems when performing.

Currently there is no way of setting up an arrangement of clips, to later be played in another bitwig project. If you drag a track from the sidebar, or even a project, bitwig will place the whole track in, rather then the clips contained within the tracks.

Traktor created a “stem” file format, which is a nice solution as it packs 4 audio files into one file (mytrack.stem.mp4), which can also be played back as normal in any media player and maybe even CJDs (haven’t tested) however I think this is only limited to lossey music. Maybe bitwig could implement something related, with flac or wav? The sidebar could read all the .stem files + have a list for BPM/Key/Length/ect… Also sorting by these columns

In this picture I’ve tried to demonstrate how ableton handles this. It will extract just the clips contained within the project, to be placed into the tracks wherever they’re dropped.

I can see this being a big advantage towards performing within bitwig, because of the modular environment. How nice would it be if the 2 worlds crossed over seemlessly. Clip or track modulators could also be amazing (mods to control playback speed/repitch by semitones, loops - in+out/resize/reposition, reverse clip/playback the whole channel in reverse ect) even modulators controlling the global tempo.

People could make their own custom midi controllers to perform this way, as arduino and midi are becoming fairly streamlined. If that’s your thing :laughing:

You can select and copy the clips you want, and then paste them in the other project. Does this solve your problem?

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