New features in Bitwig 4.2

Bitwig 4.2 beta 1 is out! Looking at the release notes… What does this mean to the Wishlist?

Thanks @x.iso for pointing out that Note Out module for The Grid seems to be implemented now. This means that it is time to create an #implemented category. :slight_smile:

yeah, I was wondering about that. so it’s first time we get to celebrate features implemented, on bitwish? also, some other will probably have to follow suit… like Key filter device improvement seems no longer necessary, although still neat if could be implemented. but basically it’s covered by Note Grid now.

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Biwig 4.2 has been released today: Testing Notes for Bitwig Studio 4.2 Beta

This was a relatively quick cycle, isn’t it? Maybe that means that a new one is on its way…

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