[Draft discussion] Pitch correction while editing audio clips

Mockups! I love mockups. Thank you for this.

Are you seeing this idea as part of Audio to MIDI converter or something on its own?

Yes, sure. Rather, I consider audio to midi converting as part of this idea

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Happy to help. If you create a new topic in #drafts then you will get the template automatically. Then you start, others comments, some edit… and we get it done in a couple of iterations or so? :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’ll work on these later

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I just moved this topic and added the template for your convenience. :slight_smile:

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It seems that I filled everything. Sorry, if it’s crooked - I don’t know English.

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Please feel free to fix what needs to be fixed

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Thank you, @Oleg. My brain is quite fried by now, but I will review your proposal tomorrow morning. Thank you for this good work!

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My English is ok (not a native English speaker either) but my knowledge of this subject is what suffers here.

Some questions:

  1. Would this request benefit from Audio Random Access (ARA) support? Is it related?
  2. Can you explain what is going on in these screenshots? You start with an audio file, the current pitch curve is read, and then you can edit the pitch?
  3. The audio wave is “cut” more or less following the pitch curve. Does it need to look this way? Isn’t enough to have the pitch curve editable? I’m asking because this is different from what you would see now in the detail editor panel, right?

Sorry if these questions are very basic. I haven’t used any pitch correction plugin ever. (If there is a video showing how this works it would be handy.)

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I’ll confess that I’m still a bit lost with this request. More feedback is welcome.

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1.The ARA is not needed specifically for this request. Ara is needed for the correct operation of third-party pitch correction plugins.
2. In the screenshot we are in the audio clip editing window. The detected pitch curve is marked in pink. The waveform is in gray in the background. The yellow rectangle is roughly recognized midi note.

  1. Yes, you are right, it is not at all necessary that the waveform be cut in accordance with the pitch curve, it is enough that it looks like now. This is how Flex Pitch looks in Logic, for example:

Thank you @Oleg , it is clear now. Then, it looks like Audio to MIDI converter would be required first, to be able to obtain MIDI data from the audio clip. If so, let’s link both requests.

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both of these features seem to be based on spectrum analysis. So they must be linked anyway

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I guess we should focus here on audio pitch detection / correction inside the audio editing window?

At least the MIDI part is covered in Audio to MIDI converter. I’m not sure whether this would cover MPE as well. It is not mentioned in the request. However, maybe it is simpler to add MPE there?

For what is worth, there is also Audio Random Access (ARA) support too.

I hope I am not boring you with these questions. I think it is important to keep the requests modular, connected, and without obvious overlaps.

I have edited the description to focus on the (micro-)pitch editing only. The audio to midi conversion is covered here: Audio to MIDI converter

I have also moved one comment there: Audio to MIDI converter - #3 by Oleg

@Oleg what do you think? Feel free to make more changes in the description. Can we move this draft to #features ?

Hi, icaria36. I think this post

Pitch correction while editing audio clips - #2

can be moved to Audio to MIDI converter topic.

and part of this post Pitch correction while editing audio clips - #2 can be added to description in this topic, including this mockup

. And I’ll do some more mockups later:

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Thank you @Oleg for working on these mockups. They help.

Comment moved. Please edit the description to your taste.

In my opinion, this should be a separate feature request from “audio to midi converter”. The “audio to mid converter” takes influence from Ableton’s feature, where you can right click an audio file, and get a midi clip from its melody, harmony, or rhythm. This pitch detection/ correction seems more like Melodyne to me. I’ve never used a DAW with this type of “Melodyne” style pitch correction built in. It would definitely be a cool feature.

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Yes you are right. Users would find it more convenient to use the audio-to-midi converter without resorting to the pitch correction feature.

Also, I consider it important to use MPE in the audio-to-midi converter. I propose to discuss this in the audio-to-midi converter thread


Very well. I have edited the title to make it clear that this request is only about correcting pitch in audio, and I am moving to #features . Thank you @Oleg for your patience. :slight_smile:

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