[Draft discussion] Key Filter device - make your own scales

Very interesting idea, and respect for having created a Bitwig preset and an Usine patch. It shows objective interest and commitment.

How do users save their scales? As Key Filter presets?

right, I forgot to edit that out, since I’ve already pointed out that it’s probably better to not have specially made snapshot system just for this device. with tab to switch to custom mode you could simply save scales as Key Filter preset until snapshot system is implemented.

UPD: just edited first post about this

Is there a link that we can add in the description?

Other than this, I have reviewed the description, and this request will be promote to #features in a couple of days unless anyone has an objection.

said patch is available as add-on in Usine, but add-ons aren’t accessible in free version

either way it’s just an example, I’m sure it’s also doable in Reaktor for example.

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