Cliplauncher and Starting on an Upbeat


I can’t find the right English word, maybe somebody can help me out. I am talking about when a phrase starts not on the first beat of the first bar but instead somewhere in the bar before the start.
an “Auftakt” in German, I find nothing better than “upbeat” on google but am not sure if that is right.
So this is what I mean with an “upbeat” here.

The Problem

Upbeats are a big problem for the cliplauncher, especially vocal phrase often start before the actual loop they’re in. Just starting them with launch quantization on the first beat will thus result in this part missing. Effectively making them unusable when using Clip Launcher + Launch Quantization (Launch Q).


Having a Clip with just the upbeat that plays the normal clips with the “next action”. This works, but requires the double amount of clips, and one has to manually start the clip a whole launch Q cycle earlier, resulting in a clunky workflow and UI.

Brainstorm Solution.

Allowing clips to have content before the first beat (in the negative timing). Then, if they are started using launch quantization, the clip will actually be started before the launch Q point, such that the upbeat is played before the launch Q point and the “first beat” of the clip will be correctly placed on the launch Q point.

I think this would work and would be a good solution, but it has some flaws.

  • It is kinda unintuitive and weird, that clips will play earlier than a simple look at the launch Q suggest, but I think this would be ok.
  • It depends on how exactly Bitwig is implemented, but I’d guess the launch Q is implemented pretty deep and thus such a change might be complicated to implement.

So does anybody have a better idea to fix this problem?

well, you can define clip start before the loop, so perhaps you can make offset start for all clips that need to start and loop later than your vocal clip

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Thats a neat workaround idea!
It’s still kinda weird, since this would mean I start all my clips one launch Q cycle early, but I can start them all at the same time with this. Thats quite an improvement.
Thanks! Will probably use this workaround until something new is implemented.

for sure Scene next actions would help with cases like this