Bitwig Preset: Vocofader 9000 Mark 1

Bitwig Preset Vocofader 9000 Mark 1

A fun DJ style fader that 'vocodes' between two signal sources. Inside the FX layer you will find a LEFT and RIGHT audio sources. You should set the inputs up for these to the corresponding left and right audio you want to fade/vocode between. Inside there is a FADER knob that controls which side of the mix is playing. Dry Left on the Left. Dry Right on the Right. In the middle of the mix are two vocoder channels. One using the carrier/modulator in one direction. The other using the carrier/modulator reversed. You can expand the chains to modify how the vocoders are set up for your particular use case. Maybe a good idea to map the formants of the two vocoders to CC's so you can tweak them in real time

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