Bitwig Preset: StereoWiser - MS

Bitwig Preset StereoWiser - MS

Stereo Widener based on the same principle that a Mid/Side matched pair of microphones uses. Great for stereoizing mono audio such as vocals. Requires Valhalla Plate, or just replace with your own short reverb. have at 100% wet within the reverb VST. Place 2 exact copies of your sample in the 2 samplers on the Mid and Side channels. Use MIDI to trigger. If you use keytracking, make sure both channels are set up with the same % and root key. Boost Side Gain so you can hear what you are doing, then Play with Speed, Motion, Grain Size, and Plate Mix, then reduce Side Gain to taste. Also works well in Repitch mode with Plate Mix at 100%Mix. *for long samples, zero the Speed remote control, then use an envelope Attack and Decay to knock the Side speed out of phase with the Mono.

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