Bitwig Preset: OTT - LP6.1 MS 2X

Bitwig Preset OTT - LP6.1 MS 2X

6 band linear-phase Mid-Side OTT with option for 2X serial processing. Better now with offset Time settings. Requires Fabfilter Pro-MB (very CPU heavy - 12 instances Pro-MB in linear phase, up to 24 instances of OTT) The Sub Thru button will allow frequencies below 90 Hz to bypass the OTTs and save you some CPU. Uses the Pro-MB bandsplitting to take OTT from 3 bands to 6 without additional phasing. As a bonus there is a built-in linear-phase EQ section. The Reduce Ambience section uses the Pro-MBs to expand the highs, but is pre-OTTs so can only do so much. use the Preset Pages

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