Bitwig Preset: Auto-Pump III - Gentle Pump

Bitwig Preset Auto-Pump III - Gentle Pump

For that side-chain pumping effect used primarily in house music. This FX-Grid has two different LFO macros controlling the volume (for the slightly different curves they offer), Increase Type-A or Type-B Macro to duck the signal, and use the Shape and Individual Timing Controls to chage from 1/4 note pumping or any other normal timing. The shuffle control macro enables the shuffle in the Type-A LFO and the device shuffle at the same time. Use the Amount Macro to introduce the unprocessed signal back in to change the base level of the pump. The ouput clipping is turned of to be transparent on output, and you can use the Makeup macro to bring the level of the effected signal up a bit as the pumping tends to bring perceived loudness down.

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